Simon McAsey
Simon began his study of Aikido in the autumn of 1981, and while still a novice (Kyu grade) he attended seminars conducted by the lateSeigo Yamaguchi Sensei. Although he spent a relatively brief period witnessing in person YamaguchiSensei’s aikido, it left an indelible impression upon him, as well as being the foundation for decades of later training. He has also had the privilege of attending many seminars with Seishiro Endo Sensei, Takeshi Yamashima Sensei and Terry Ezra Sensei, and owes a debt of gratitude for their generosity, guidance and patience.

He has trained in varies countries throughout Europe as well as Hombu Dojo (Tokyo).  Whilst mainly residing and practicing in the North West of England.

Simon continues to study the art diligently and regularly accepts invitations to teach outside of his home dojo, as he endeavours to share experience spanning almost four decades of practice.

Instructors can impart only a fraction of the teaching. It is through your own devoted practice that the mysteries of the Art of Peace are brought to life ( Morihei Ueshiba ).