An Aikido Beginners Point Of View – “12 months and hooked”


Hi my name is Steve and I’ve been studying Aikido for 12 months now. First off let me tell you why I chose Aikido, I’ve studied different MA’s in the pass like Karate and a brief stint at Kung Fu. I’ve always been a fan of Steven Seagal films and thought I’ll give this great Martial Art a go .

With Aikido, I’ve found it to be a different experience to other Martial Arts, I feel more relaxed and you don’t need to use strength neither as it’s all about using your opponents (Uke) energy and learning about your centre which is very important in Aikido; the more relaxed the better.

Congleton Aikido has two classes; beginners which I go to under the tuition of Sensei Mark  and a senior class with Sensei Simon, both teachers are friendly and easy to talk to.

There’s more to Aikido than self-defence. It’s hard to put in to words as everyone who studies this art may explain it differently from what they get from it.

Whether your looking for a fun way to learn self-defence,  keeping fit or staying supple Aikido is all of these and more. No matter your age or size or sex. If you watch videos on youtube you’ll get a better understanding. When I watched these clips I thought no way is that possible  but it is…  Aikido can be frustrating at times and there’s no quick way of learning this art it takes time and you get the chance to meet some great people and learn a bit of Japanese too.

Stephen Kennerley (5th Kyu) – December 2013


Sadly, Stephen is no longer training in Aikido due to a very bad back, which he had been suffering with before he began training in Aikido.

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