Instructors can impart only a fraction of the teaching. It is through your own devoted practice that the mysteries of the Art of Peace are brought to life.

Morihei Ueshiba ( 1883 – 1969 )

Simon McAsey

Simon began the study of Aikido in the autumn of 1981, and whilst still a novice he attended a number of seminars conducted by the late Seigo Yamaguchi Sensei. Witnessing one of O’Sensei’s most senior students left him with an indelible impression, and became the foundation for decades of subsequent practice.

He has also had the privilege of attending many seminars with Seishiro Endo Sensei, Takeshi Yamashima Sensei, Terry Ezra Sensei, as well as many other eminent teachers, and owes debt of gratitude for their generosity, guidance and patience.

Whilst mainly living and practicing in the North West of England, he has trained in numerous countries throughout Europe as well as Hombu Dojo (Tokyo).  

He continues to study the art diligently and regularly accepts invitations to teach; endeavouring to share experience spanning four decades.

John Stephens

John has practiced Aikido for 25 years and taught for 10. He enjoys every opportunity to share the joy of Aikido with others and to try and understand more as he does so.

This Haiku poem offers an insight into my approach to practice:

‘ Calm, clear and empty
  Aspiring first contact
  Crash, smile, try again.’

David Francis

David started training whilst at the University of York and, serendipitously, met Simon McAsey whilst on Seigo Yamaguchi Sensei’s seminars in Oxford in the late 80’s. In the intervening years he has been grateful for the teaching of Masters Nobuyoshi Tamura, Seishiro Endo, Dan Messisco, and Takeshi Yamashima. He has travelled variously to Europe and Japan for training and additional influences have been Shinjuro Narita Sensei and Yoshinobu Takeda Sensei. He lives in Derbyshire with several shiba inu who simply refuse to take him seriously.

Phil Redfearn

Phil began his aikido practice in 2003 whilst living in Manchester. Since moving to Congleton in 2008 he has practiced in both dojo’s on a weekly basis, and takes the opportunity to study at Hombu Dojo (Tokyo) most years.

He has attended many seminars and summer schools and has had the opportunity to witness and practice with many of the current and past Hombu Uchideshi ( live-in student ).

He was awarded his 2nd (black belt) in 2018 whilst attending the BAF summer school in Chester, and is a level 1 Joint Aikido Council coach.