Congleton Aikido Club

Club Members and guests who were present at a seminar given by Sensei Janet Clift from Athens Aikido.


Photo from a special evenings practice, with instruction from Takeshi Yamashima (Shihan).


Beginners are welcome from the age of 12 upwards. This is a class designed to be slower than the seniors for easier learning.


Morihei Ueshiba, 1883 - 1969. The founder of Aikido

Kisshomaru Ueshiba

The son of Morihei Ueshiba 1921-1999 who became the international leader of Aikido after his father's death.

Moriteru Ueshiba

Current Doshu. Grandson of Morihei Ueshiba, and son to Kisshomaru Ueshiba Born in 1951

Open Way Zen

An unincorporated non-profit organisation supporting the Australian teachings of Zen Master Daido Hogen Yamahata