Club Reviews

Congleton Aikido Club

“I love going to training”

The idea of martial arts and peace aren’t two words most people would think go together. After turning 30 I decided that I wanted to start to be a bit healthier and started looking for local activities to do. I’m not much of a gym person and I’m not incredibly sporty but I used to enjoy learning karate at high school so I started to research martial arts in the area. I didn’t want to return to karate because there were a few things that didn’t agree with me so I googled peaceful martial arts to see if such a thing existed. Aikido came up straight away and after finding out more about it I thought that I needed to check it out. To the outside world it looks like loads of people in pyjamas rolling round and slapping mats while one guy stands in the middle like he’s waiting for a bus whilst oblivious to all the angry people around him. I can’t explain what Aikido is mainly because I don’t fully understand it myself yet. I can however say that to me Aikido seems to be the art of neutralising a situation whilst preventing anyone from getting hurt. Some might say It’s the thinking man’s martial art. The first time I experienced the power of Aikido I was totally amazed by how one minute I was going for someone and then within the blink of an eye I was on the floor and not able to work out how I’d gotten there. One thing that has struck me is how Aikido is a very personal thing and although we are all aiming for the same goal everyone is finding their own path to getting there. The people at Congleton Aikido are really friendly and I could not feel more welcomed. I Love going to training and even though you can never predict the future I’d love to think that Aikido has a place in it somewhere.

Gareth Hughes (ungraded) – 1st October 2014

Review of Congleton Aikido Club by Amalia

Amalia loves her photo being taken. 🙂

Congleton and Matlock are both great clubs. I’ve come back to Aikido after nearly 10 years of not training, and I couldn’t have found a more friendly and forgiving set of people to train with emoji 🙂

I started off at Matlock, but because of the strong links between the two clubs felt equally welcome in both. The Sensei are great. They share their own Aikido journeys without condescension or impatience, so although I always feel like I am learning and improving my practice, I never feel that what they teach and practice is completely beyond me (might just take a while to get there though!).

There is a mix of levels in both clubs, so don’t be afraid of being a newbie! We are always happy to see new faces, even if it is just for a few sessions -so there is no reason to not come along for a go on the mats. 🙂

An Aikido Beginners Point Of View – “12 months and hooked”

Hi my name is Steve and I’ve been studying Aikido for 12 months now. First off let me tell you why I chose Aikido, I’ve studied different MA’s in the pass like Karate and a brief stint at Kung Fu. I’ve always been a fan of Steven Seagal films and thought I’ll give this great Martial Art a go .

With Aikido, I’ve found it to be a different experience to other Martial Arts, I feel more relaxed and you don’t need to use strength neither as it’s all about using your opponents (Uke) energy and learning about your centre which is very important in Aikido; the more relaxed the better.

Congleton Aikido has two classes; beginners which I go to under the tuition of Sensei Mark  and a senior class with Sensei Simon, both teachers are friendly and easy to talk to.

There’s more to Aikido than self-defence. It’s hard to put in to words as everyone who studies this art may explain it differently from what they get from it.

Whether your looking for a fun way to learn self-defence,  keeping fit or staying supple Aikido is all of these and more. No matter your age or size or sex. If you watch videos on youtube you’ll get a better understanding. When I watched these clips I thought no way is that possible  but it is…  Aikido can be frustrating at times and there’s no quick way of learning this art it takes time and you get the chance to meet some great people and learn a bit of Japanese too.

Stephen Kennerley (5th Kyu) – December 2013

“Aikido has given me confidence”

When you come to practice you learn Aikido in a relaxed and informed approach with some explanation of why and how it is so effective.

Our dojo teaches these principles and for those who practice have something to give and something to take away with each practice. For myself I have especially gained confidence and discipline in thought and deed and with that in mind I wish to say to my Aikido teacher’s arigatou  gozaimasu (Thank you).

Phil Hilton (4th Kyu) – May 16th 2013