Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be fit to train?

The answer is no, not initially. It is possible to build up fitness and flexibility as you train. 

What do I need to wear to train?

If you do not own a Keikogi (White Pyjama training kit), then any form of loose fitting clothing that does not have buckles or studs that stick out. Absolutely no jewellery to be worn on the mat. This is to protect you and others from harm and from being scratched etc.

Go here on help in choosing a Keikogi.

Do I need to be young to train?

No, not at all. Aikido is for the ages of 4 (kids class required) to any age, where you have basic, freedom of movement.

N.B. Congleton Aikido Club does not run a junior class.  However, one is currently available at our affiliated dojo in Macclesfield ( Macclesfield Aikido Club ).

What does it cost?

The Club is ‘non-profit’, and request £5 per member ( for a two hour session ) to cover room  rental.

Do I need insurance?

Yes.  This is purchased via the Joint Aikido Council ( JAC ).

  • Adults £35
  • Concessions £25
  • Seniors (over 65) £20
  • Juniors £15

Your insurance will cover Aikdio practice international and lasts for 12 months.

Can I come along to watch?

Please feel free to come along to any class and watch, ask questions, or better still, have a go!  Or, contact us and leave a message.