Review of Congleton Aikido Club by Amalia

Review of Congleton Aikido Club by Amalia

Amalia loves her photo being taken. 🙂

Congleton and Matlock are both great clubs. I’ve come back to Aikido after nearly 10 years of not training, and I couldn’t have found a more friendly and forgiving set of people to train with emoji 🙂

I started at Matlock, but because of the strong links between the two clubs felt equally welcome in both. The Sensei are great. They share their own Aikido journeys without condescension or impatience, so although I always feel like I am learning and improving my practice, I never feel that what they teach and practice is completely beyond me (might just take a while to get there though!).

There is a mix of levels in both clubs, so don’t be afraid of being a newbie! We are always happy to see new faces, even if it is just for a few sessions -so there is no reason to not come along for a go on the mats. 🙂

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